Do Not Solicit Registry

Do Not Solicit Registry

The Commissioners of Cheltenham Township have amended the current Soliciting Ordinance to allow residents to enroll their homes on a “Do Not Solicit” registry.  If residents choose to enroll in this voluntary program their addressed will be supplied to properly permitted solicitors with strict instructions their house is not to be visited.  

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Residents should be aware that soliciting restrictions under this ordinance do not apply to Government Agencies, Religious Groups, Registered Non-Profit Organizations, or Political Candidates.  Residents are reminded their address (house number) must be posted in accordance with current Township Ordinance or plainly visible for enforcement of this new restriction

 The registration process could take up to two (2) weeks depending on volume of enrollment requests.  You may email inquiries for further information regarding registration to [email protected] 

Please Note:  The above listed email address is not continually monitored.  If you wish to report 
violators, suspicious persons or vehicles, or have another emergency where Police response is needed call 9-1-1 to have an officer dispatched.

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