Demographic Information

The Census, most recently completed in 2020, provides a picture of our nation that filters down to the state, county and municipality levels.  Census data has a direct and significant impact on determining local funding for schools, hospitals, emergency services, food insecurity, and more, along with on how congressional seats are apportioned.

Census Data - Cheltenham Township Profile at a Glance

Population: 37, 452

Median Age: 40

  • Age 65 and older: 18.8%

Median Household Income: $92,650

Households/Families: 14,435

Housing Units: ~15,922

Racial Composition Population Totals

  • 45.3% White
  • 37.8% African American
  • 7.1% Asian
  • 6.5% Hispanic/Latino
  • 3.3% Other
  • 6.3% Two or more races

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