Business Recycling/Cleaner Water

Commercial Recycling

Since 1995, PA Act 101 and Cheltenham Ordinance 1820-95 have required all commercial and institutional entities to recycle high-grade office paper, aluminum cans, corrugated paper and leaf wastes.  However, the Township Ordinance also requires these entities to submit reports detailing the tonnage they recycle to Dennis Murphy, Refuse Superintendent, Cheltenham Township, 8230 Old York Road, Elkins Park, PA  19027. The report must appear on the recycling hauler’s letterhead, as required by the state.   


Recycling is not only the law. It’s also a valuable boon to the environment since it reduces pollution while preserving natural resources. 


Businesses: Partners for Cleaner Water

The number one source of water pollution today isn't big industry - it's the myriad of small actions taken by residents and businesses every day. Businesses can become partners for cleaner water by changing some of their practices, often in small ways. Click here for a great handbook on best management practices for businesses that will help keep Cheltenham's beautiful Tookany Creek and its tributaries clean and healthy.