Enclave at Kerlin Farm - #17-05

Property History and Description - per Ed Landau


A developer submitted the following plans for the potential development of the Enclave at Kerlin Farm property, located at 1050 Ashbourne Road in Cheltenham on 12/7/17.


Land Development Application
Erosion & Settlement Control Narrative
Land Development Plan 11-20-17
Landscaping Plans
Elevation Plans
Floor Plans
Environmental Impact Study
Erosion & Settlement Control Narrative (6/18
Post Construction Stormwater Management Report (6/18)
Traffic Impact Assessment (11/17)


Discussion of the proposed Enclave at Kerlin Farm development was held at the following meeting(s):
Shade Tree Advisory Commission on 3/8/18 - Received a recommendation for approval of landscaping plan.
Planning Commission on 9/24/18 - Recommended approval with the condition that the applicant comply with the Township Engineer's review dated 9-19-18.