Construct An Accessory Structure

Residential Accessory Structures

As part of any construction addition to your property including sheds, decks, patios, balconies, steps, garage additions or exterior additions to your primary dwelling, including driveway additions or expansions, please note that a Zoning Determination Request will need to be completed. When reviewing for zoning compliance, staff will be taking into consideration the existing and the proposed building and impervious coverage to ensure that it remains below the required threshold depending on the Zoning District that the property is located in. These will need to be included in your sketch plan as part of the review process. We will also be reviewing for compliance with the required setbacks for front, side and rear yards based on the Zoning District of the proposed. If these improvements are for residential properties, this may also trigger an Earth Disturbance Permit Application for the purpose of Stormwater Mitigation. The threshold for this review is 250sqft. of disturbance.   

Construction of Fences

Fence construction fees are based on $.50 per linear foot. It is highly recommended that you have a survey of your property completed prior to installation of your fence. The Zoning Ordinance states that a fence shall be erected no more than five feet from the property line, provided that the line is clearly established and accessible and regularly maintained by the landowner. The Fence Permit Application requires that the good side of the fence face outside with none of the structural members visible. The maximum permitted height shall be four feet in the yard area between a street and the principal building and six feet in the side or rear yard. No solid fence shall be permitted and no open fence in excess of four feet in height shall be permitted in the required front yard. A fence shall not be erected in, or interfere with, the sight triangle for vehicular traffic and shall not be erected within a floodplain area, a swale, or the watercourse system or impede the flow of stormwater from the site or that of an adjoining property.

If unsure of meeting the above requirements, you may submit a Zoning Determination Request with associated fees and allow 15-30 days for a zoning letter to be generated which will also include next steps.