On July 13, 2020, the Cheltenham Police Department announced its partnership with The Abington Police Department in HUB, a program that will enable the police department to deliver valuable social services in a more proficient and effective manner.

The Abington Police Department formed its HUB back in 2015 and it has been very successful.  The HUB model aims to assist and care for at- risk community members who are struggling before they reach a crisis point, and to provide outreach and linkages to care for individuals at acutely elevated risk of harm, crime and /or death. The model is designed to increase collaboration, reduce calls for service, and most importantly, improve access to care for those struggling with substance use disorders, mental health concerns, and a variety of other risk factors.

This innovative model mobilizes public and private resources and social service agencies already in place to address specific situations before an emergency occurs. In short, the HUB brings together, in the same room and on a regular schedule, a wide variety of public and private social service agencies to assess and respond to community members who are at a higher risk of harm, crime and/or death.

How HUB Works

The police department and/or participating social service agency will identify those persons within our community that are at a higher risk of harm, crime and/or death for a variety of reasons. At a regularly scheduled meeting of private and public social service agencies the case will initially and deliberately be brought up in a way that keeps the community member’s identity anonymous.

If a consensus is reached that the community member is in need of services, the applicable social service agency or agencies will be provided with the relevant information and contact with the community member will be coordinated and mobilized with the intent to provide that person with the best available service and care. The community member will have the ability to accept or deny services.

At the next meeting of The HUB a follow up report will be provided to ensure services were made available to community member and to evaluate if additional services can and should be provided.

If you or someone you know can benefit from this program, contact Sergeant David Sparango at  [email protected] or (215) 885-1600 ext. 971.