Donate a Tree

You can share your love of trees at any time through Cheltenham Township's tree donation program! Trees are a very valuable natural resource -- providing shade, reducing pollution, preventing soil erosion, providing habitats and food for wildlife, and improving the beauty and value of our communities.

If you have a favorite park or would like to honor a loved one or commemorate a special event in your life, consider donating or "adopting" a native tree. Gifts can be made according to one of five donation levels below, which will include donor acknowledgement, as well as protective fencing and maintenance for new trees.

To maximize the survival opportunities of the donor trees, trees will likely be planted by staff during a select window in the spring and fall (bare root trees will only be planted in the fall.)

We will do the best we can to accommodate donor's choice of Township location and tree species. All donors will be acknowledge through a Master Tree Donor list on the Township website. If the tree should die in the first 3 years, it will be replaced at no cost to the donor.  If the tree must be relocated for any reason, the Township will make every effort to contact and inform the donor.

Separate opportunity through local Tree Tenders groups to plant bare root trees in the spring: Complete this order form with payment by February 2. This opportunity is promoted by our Shade Tree Advisory Commission.

For more information, email [email protected].

Tree Donation

Donation Levels

Specimen Tree Level ($1,000):

  • Donation of $1,000 covers:
    • Purchase and planting of a 2.5-3” caliper tree
    • Deer fencing and stakes as needed
    • 3 years of pruning/maintenance and irrigation
    • Bronze commemorative plaque
    • Inclusion in Tree Donor Master List on Website

Curtis Arboretum Special Event Tree ($500):

  • For events at Curtis: optional $500 “commemorative tree donation fee” on top of rental fee covers:
    • Tree purchase and planting
    • Plaque commemorating donor’s event held at Curtis Hall
    • Inclusion in Tree Donor Master List on Website

Bare Root Tree Level ($300):

  • Donation of $300 covers:
    • Purchase and planting of a 1-1.5”caliper bare root tree
    • Protective fencing
    • Certificate of Authenticity to acknowledge donation
    • Inclusion in Tree Donor Master List on Website
  • Add-on option: plaque instead of certificate for a total donation of $450
  • Will be planted during fall planting period only

Tree Stake Level ($150):

  • Donation of $150 covers:
    • Shrubs or trees to help reforest woodlots, riparian buffers and stormwater management areas, as needed
    • Protective tubes
    • Inclusion in Tree Donor Master List on Website

Sponsorship/Adopt a Tree ($100/year):

  • Donation of $100 covers:
    • A year of tree maintenance (pruning, fertilization, insecticide, etc.) for an existing mature tree
    • Sponsorship certificate with a picture of your tree and a map of its location
  • Donor may provide for multiple years of maintenance with higher up-front donation

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