Township Manager's Office

Public Meetings

In order to maintain social distancing practices, the Township will hold public meetings via web or tele-conference. Log-in information will be made available on each meeting agenda. Meetings of the Board of Commissioners and its standing committees will continue to be recorded and the recordings will be made available on the Township's YouTube channel and shared to the website.

Ordinance No. 2403-20 Emergency Ordinance

The regular legislative meetings of the Board of Commissioners, generally held on the third Wednesday of each month, are being held in a hybrid format.  Staff will be available at Curtis Hall for any member of the public wishing to attend in person, while the meeting will also be conducted via Zoom for the benefit of both the Board and public.

Administration Department

The Township Manager, as the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the Township, directs and administers all executive and non-legislative activities of the Township, except as otherwise provided by statute or Ordinance. The organizational structure includes the selection of key Department Heads and other management positions and professional consultants for ensuring the goals and objectives of the Board of Commissioners and Administration are met.