Public Water in Cheltenham Township is provided by Aqua Pennsylvania.

Water & Sewer Bill Questions. 
Billing: For questions pertaining to your water or sewer bill/payment, please call Aqua at 877-987-2782. 
Aqua processes all sewer payments for Township sewer customers.

Cheltenham Township sold the sewer system to Aqua in December of 2019. Read Press Release
The sewer rates will won’t change until 2021 after Aqua presents a rate case to the PUC for rates beginning in 2022.

Sewer Service Calls -- 
If you have a sewer emergency, please contact Aqua at (877) 987-2782.

Water Quality

Water Quality reports can be viewed on the Aqua Water Quality webpage and website.

January 22, 2019 Aqua America Update
In the last water bill Aqua enclosed an update with a chart on PFAs in Eastern Montgomery County and the ongoing efforts to address PFAs.
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August 9, 2018 Aqua America Update

  • The water serving Aqua customers in Cheltenham Township is below the health advisory limit of 70 parts per trillion (PPT). Residents, community leaders, elected officials and water utilities, including Aqua, have urged EPA and DEP to adopt a scientifically-based strong regulation, address the source of contamination at the Willow Grove National Guard Base, and provide recommendations for effective treatment.
  • Without additional guidance from the EPA or DEP on a PFAS regulation, Aqua is voluntarily moving forward to reduce our PFAS levels far below the current health advisory. Aqua's plan includes addressing systems with PFAS concentration - from highest to lowest - and evaluating the best actions for each.
  • Some Cheltenham residents receive water from the Neshaminy Water Treatment plant, which is next on Aqua's priority list because it serves so many customers throughout Montgomery County. Aqua already utilizes carbon for treatment at the Neshaminy water treatment plant which removes some, but not all of the PFAS. Aqua is completing engineering evaluations of the Neshaminy Water Treatment Plant that will enhance treatment and further address this issue. Aqua is committed to sharing the next steps at the Neshaminy Water Treatment Plan with Cheltenham Township and residents.

Combined PFOA/PFOS Levels as of this August 9, 2018 Update:

Service Area
Water Source
Average Level
PFOA/PFOS Combined
Latest Measurement of
PFOA/PFOS Combined
Cheltenham - southeast of Easton Road      
Neshaminy Treatment Plant  
 24  35
Cheltenham - northwest of Easton Road
Abington Well
 11.1  11.7


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