Leaf and Grass Collection

Collection Schedules

PDF View: Fall 2022 Leaf Collection Dates

PDF View: 2022-23 Garden Debris Collection Dates

For a link to a PDF of our print calendar to follow along by date, click here.


Fall Loose Leaf Collection

Please follow the accompanying schedules and guidelines for the most efficient program.

Leaves should be placed at the curb by 7:00am on the first day noted in the schedule. Rake leaves to the curb no more than 14 days prior to the scheduled collection day, in accordance with Township Ordinance. Violators will be subject to fines. Do NOT place leaves out immediately after a collection.

Rake only leaves; DO NOT include twigs or branches, which may jam the leaf machines.

The first round of leaf collections is a one-day collection. Round two is a two-day collection, but all leaves MUST be placed out by day 1 of the collection.  If your leaves were not collected on day 1, the remainder will be collected on the orange dates in the above schedule (PDF). Please do NOT place additional leaves out after crews have passed on day 1 of the collection.

When leaf volume is light early in the program, crews may collect leaves in routes ahead of schedule. But each morning they will always return to the route scheduled for collection that day. Inclement weather may occasionally delay the program.  The goal is to complete all collections before winter weather arrives because leaf vacuums are ineffective in snow and ice.  To receive emails about substantial schedule delays, sign up for E-Notifications or text alerts.

Likewise, when forecasts predict heavy storm events, Public Works crews often perform unscheduled, unpublicized loose-leaf collections in low-lying areas to prevent flooding.  Do your part: never pile leaves over storm drain grates or inlets. Property owners adjacent to storm drain inlets are encouraged to keep the drains clear.

Residents should park in the driveway on their collection days where possible so crews can clear leaves from roadways curb to curb.

DO NOT INCLUDE INVASIVE PLANTS with leaves, twigs, grass clippings and other garden debris in biodegradable paper bags during any of the scheduled collections. Invasive plants should be discarded with household refuse in bags labeled "Invasive Plants." Only 20 bags of invasive plants will be accepted per refuse collection. State law requires that other garden debris be recycled, so Township crews will not accept them with household waste.


Leaf and Garden Debris Collection Routes


The 15 designated routes are identified on the map below. (Click map to enlarge.)


Leaf Pickup Map


Loose Leaf Collection Tips (PDF 10/24/19)


Bagged Leaves & Garden Debris

In addition to the fall program, grass, leaves, twigs, and other garden debris can be recycled together in biodegradable paper bags, which will also be collected throughout the spring and summer to assist residents with the lawn and garden work. In fact, state law mandates that these materials must be recycled, so Township crews will not accept them with household waste.

Check the route map or the list of routes by street names to determine your collection route number. Collections are held on Fridays, generally alternating each week between Routes 1-8 and Routes 9-15, unless affected by a holiday.

  • Use biodegradable paper bags only. Biodegradable paper bags are sold at the Public Works Facility, 8101 Old York Rd. Monday through Friday, 7:00am-1:00pm
  • Put bagged leaves at the curb just prior to their scheduled collection day.
  • Do NOT put invasive plants, trash, large branches, dirt, stones or rocks into the biodegradable paper bags. Invasive plants should be discarded with household refuse in bags labeled "Invasive Plants." Only 20 bags of invasive plants will be accepted per refuse collection.

Additional Guidelines

  • Never discard leaves, grass, twigs or garden debris (other than invasive plants) with regular trash.
  • Have gardeners cooperate with the collection schedules.
  • Do not park over leaves since heat from a vehicle may ignite them.
  • Never burn leaves or place leaves at the curb any time after the final collection, as stipulated by Township Ordinance.


Disposing of large branches requires an appointment for a special collection, which entails a fee.  However, no branch collections will be scheduled during the fall leaf collection program. For more information, call the Cheltenham Township Public Works Department at 215-635-4600.  Branch/brush collection payments are accepted online.

 For a minimum $30 charge, crews will collect:

  • large branches - maximum 8' long and 4" in diameter in one pile not to exceed 4' x 4' x 8'
  • small branches - up to eight tied bundles of small branches and twigs not to total over 4' long and 2' in diameter.
  • If material exceeds the above limit, the Highway Superintendent will affix additional charges increasing in $15 increments.

Public Works will NOT accept:

  • branches with diameters greater than 4"
  • logs
  • firewood
  • bushes
  • tree stumps.

Leaf/Grass/Garden Debris Dropoff

Residents may also drop off biodegradable paper bags containing, leaves, grass and garden debris at the Waverly Road Compost Facility on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., unless affected by a holiday. The compost facility is located on Waverly Road between Church Road and Cheltenham Avenue in Laverock. Dumping material when the facility is closed is prohibited. Violators are subject to fines.

Landscapers must obtain a Township permit annually to dump garden debris at the Waverly Road Compost Facility: $50 for landscapers that pay the Township business privilege tax and $100 for others. Additional charges apply per cubic yard of debris.