Archival materials, such as books, maps, photographs, newspapers, paintings, and memorabilia including articles pertaining to former Township residents, are on display or available by request. Examples include:


  • water color by Ray Thompson, creator “Casper the Ghost”
  • bust of Richard Lester, cinema director “Hard Days Night” and “Superman II" and "III," and "Petulia"
  • bust of Howard Pike, Cheltenham Township Manager and Wall House resident
  • autograph of Lucretia Mott
  • cradle roll certificate signed by John Wanamaker
  • oil painting of Rev. Dr. Lewis A. Briner, Pastor Presbyterian Church, Wyncote, PA by Adalbertas Staneika
  • Rowland Family desk and Bibles
  • records of both Township and civic organizations
  • other nationally or internationally known residents include Abraham and Harry Snellenburg, Reggie Jackson, John Stetson, Cyrus Curtis, George and Henry Elkins, Jay Cooke, Horace Mather Lippincott and Peter A. Widener and family.

 Book Case Collection

The books mostly pertain to events concerning the people of the Township, authors from the community and their works. There are first editions of Christopher Morley, a summer resident; books by Ezra Pound, fascist and traitor, but a renowned poet who resided in Wyncote until adulthood; and sheet music of “Madame Butterfly” by Luther Long, an Elkins Park resident, who wrote the original story on which Pucinni based his opera.


From the Wall House Archives


Materials for research purposes may be examined by appointment. Call the museum, 215-887-9159