Sanitary Sewer Evaluation & Schedules

Cheltenham Township began an eight-year program to conduct a
community-wide evaluation of its sanitary sewer system the week of January 30, 2017. Starting in the Cheltenham Village and Glenside neighborhoods, the evaluation includes televising all Township-owned sanitary sewer mains, plus cleaning and joint repairs where indicated. The goal is to identify and eliminate sources of extraneous water entering the system, which is nearly 100 years old in sections. This excess water strains the capacity of the sanitary sewer system, which increases the costs for this vital service and can cause sewer overflows that damage property and the environment.

In addition to evaluating the sewer mains, contractors will also televise the private sewer laterals that connect residential, commercial and institutional properties to the Township system. Property owners will receive their own evaluation report. They will not have to correct any damage or deficiencies identified in the report at this time. However, in 2018 the Board of Commissioners expects to adopt an ordinance that will establish the requirements for property owners to repair or replace private sewer laterals found to be damaged or defective. Before finalizing the ordinance, the Township will hold community meetings to solicit public input. (Sign up to receive Township email notifications.)

Contractors are currently conducting the work in Glenside; work in Cheltenham Village was completed at the end of October 2017. They may appear multiple times on the same neighborhood streets during the evaluation process. To ensure their equipment can reach the sanitary sewer system, temporary “No Parking” signs may be posted. No excavation of roads or private property is anticipated for this project.

As the evaluation starts in other areas of the community, those residents will be notified by letter with an approximate time frame for the work. Each Friday, the work schedule for the next week will be posted here. The schedules below indicate the streets where the contractors conducting the sanitary sewer evaluations expect to work beginning on the date indicated.  Schedules are subject to change.
Temporary "No Parking" signs may be posted to enable contractors to reach the sanitary sewer system. Signs will be removed from each area as the Contractor completes the work.

*NOTE: Depending on conditions, some work may be conducted between 6PM and 7AM. Generally, contractors will notify residents directly affected by any night work with fliers at their door. 

Glenside Contractor Schedule

Week of September 10 -- this is the final week of work for the Glenside CCTV project.
Manhole relining work will be completed on the following roads between Wednesday and Friday: Tacony Creek, Orleans Road, and Glenside Avenue between Cherry Lane and Clayton Road.

Week of August 27 --
Manhole relining work will be completed on the following roads between Wednesday and Friday: Tacony Creek, Orleans Road, and Glenside Avenue between Cherry Lane and Clayton Road. Notices will be posted on affected streets and no interruption to service is anticipated.

Week of June 11
- Below is the Standard Pipe Services work schedule for week of June 11. The work consists of lateral grouting at the sewer main connection. This will not affect lateral service for the homeowners.
  Tuesday:  Twickenham Rd. (between Laverock and Waverly Roads)

  Wednesday:  Twickenham Rd. (between Laverock and Waverly Roads)   

  Thursday:  Plymouth Rd. (between Laverock and Beaver Roads)

  Friday:  Plymouth Rd. (between Laverock and Lindley Roads)

Week of April 9 - 528 to 500 Bridle, 335 to 301 Limekiln, 220 to 228 Berkley, 13-15 Lynnwood, 2711 to 2715 Church, 501 to 435 Laverock, 519 to 510 Plymouth, 545 to 400 Waverly, 400 to 639 Twickenham. NIGHT WORK: Waverly and Church.
Week of April 2 - Waverly, Church, Bridal, Limekiln, Lindley
Week of March 26
- Waverly, Church, Willow Grove, Berkley, Glenside and Limekiln
Week of March 19
- Waverly, Glenside, Limekiln, Church, Willow Grove, Berkley - most of the work this week will be NIGHT WORK.
Week of March 12 -
Church, Waverly, Glenside, Limekiln and Willow Grove. NIGHT WORK is scheduled for the following locations on Thursday, March 15 only: Church and Waverly, Glenside and Limekiln.
Week of March 5 - Glenside, Interceptor, Bridle and Waverly. NIGHT WORK is scheduled on Limekiln and Church the weeks of March 5, March 12 and March 19.

Week of Feb 26 - Glenside, Church, Waverly, Limekiln

Week of Feb 19 - Waverly, Lismore, Harrison, Church, Laverock, Willow Grove, East, Montier, and Lynwood

Week of Feb 5 - Bolton, General Patterson, Clayton, Huber

Week of Jan 29 - Bolton, General Patterson, Clayton, Huber

Week of Jan 22 - Buttonwood, Radcliffe, Huber, Springhouse, Oak, Bridle, Waverly, Easement behind Glenside Elementary

Week of Jan 16 - Buttonwood, Radcliffe, Huber, Springhouse, Oak, Bridle

Week of Jan 8, 2018 - Tyson, Huber, Cherry, Lynnewood, Bridle, Lindley, Radcliffe and Buttonwood

Week of Dec 26 - Tyson, Huber, Wilson, Cherry and Lynnewood and Bridle

Week of Dec 11 - Tyson, Huber, East, Wilson, Harrison, Lismore

Week of Dec 4 - Twickenham, Harrison, Springhouse, Waverly, Lismore, and Oak

Week of Nov 20 - Beaver, Custis, Laverock, Bridle, Twickenham, Oak, Harrison, and Springhouse

Week of Nov 13 - Beaver, Custis, Laverock, Lismore, Oak, Springhouse, Harrison, and Waverly (added)

Week of Nov 6 - Lismore, Cherry, Lynnwood

Week of Oct 30 - Oak, Springhouse, Lismore, Cherry, Lynnwood, Bridle, Custis, Camberly, Laverock

Week of Oct 23 - Montier, Berkeley, Oak, Springhouse, Lismore, Cherry

Week of Oct 16- Custis, Lynnwood, Buttonwood, Plymouth, Montier, and Berkeley

Week of Oct 9-Custis, Lynnwood, Buttonwood, Plymouth, Montier, and Berkeley

Week of Sept 25- Glenside and Willow Grove

Week of Sept 18 - Waverly and Montier

Week of Sept 11 - NIGHT WORK Limekiln Pike

Week of Sept 5 - Harrison, Plymouth

Week of Aug 28 - NIGHT WORK (6PM Setup to 5-7AM breakdown) Limekiln Pike

Week of Aug 21 - NIGHT WORK (6PM setup to 5-7AM breakdown) Limekiln, Willow Grove

Week of Aug 14 - General Paterson, Bridle

Week of Aug 7 - Harrison, Twickenham, General Paterson, Bolton

Week of July 31 - Harrison, General Paterson, Fox, Beaver, Waverly

Week of July 24 - Twickenham, Patricia, Harrison, Laverock
Week of July 17 - Winding Way, Laverock, Harrison, Twickenham
Week of July 10 - Lindley, Sunset, Camberley

Week of July 3 - (No work on 7/3 or 7/4), Lindley, Sunset, Camberley

Week of June 26 - Berkeley, Lynnwood, Waverly, Radcliffe, Twickenham, Lindley

Week of June 19 - Lindley and Sunset

Week of June 12 - Manhole inspections throughout the project area, active work on Lindley and Sunset mid-week.

Week of June 5 - No work in progress

Week of May 29 - No work in progress

Week of May 22 - No work in progress

Week of May 15 - Plymouth

Week of May 8 - Waverly

Week of May 1 - Plymouth and Waverly

Week of April 27 - Montier and Clayton

Week of April 10 - Bridle Road, Waln Road, Custis Road and Winding Way

Week of April 3 - Beaver Road

Week of March 27 - Georgian Road

Week of March 13 - Fox Road

Week of March 6 - Georgian Road

Week of Feb 20  - Laverock and Twickenham

Week of Feb 6 - Laverock, Patricia, Lindley, Camberley, Twickenham, Plymouth, Waverly, Laverock, Beaver, Georgian, and Fox