Contractor Mobilization
Tthe Contractors will be mobilizing multiple times in the same areas throughout the course of the project. The Contractors may use their own means and methods to approach and complete the project.

Some of the work may require the Contractors to use different equipment that could require the Contractors to mobilize their crews several times throughout the project. It may take one or more days at each location to complete the contract work. The contract work includes 1) flushing the sewer main and performing the CCTV video inspection of each pipe run, 2) cleaning of the laterals in each pipe run of the sewer main, 3) CCTV videoing of the laterals in each pipe run, 4) joint testing and grouting of each joint in the pipe run, and 5) inspecting manholes.

There is no additional cost to the Township for the multiple mobilizations.

Please be patient while the contractors work to complete this extensive examination of our aged sanitary sewer system.