Burglar Alarm Permits



Burglar Alarm Application

Burglar Alarm Permit Fees

All burglar alarms in the Township, including both commercial and residential alarms, require a permit per Cheltenham Township Code 1846-95.


Effective for 2012, per Resolution 35-11:

  • Fee for application for new alarm system: $50
  • Fee for yearly renewal of user's alarm permit: $25
      - fee for users age 65 or older: $20
  • Late charge fee for activating a new alarm system before obtaining a new alarm permit: $35
  • Late charge fee for failing to obtain a yearly the renewal alarm permit in prior years: $35 per year
  • Late charge fee for failing to pay the renewal alarm permit within 60 days of being invoiced by the Township of Cheltenham in the current year: $35
  • Restoration fee for an alarm user whose permit was revoked: $600

More Information: Contact the Accounting Department at 215-887-1000, ext. 148.