Deer Management

Due to concerns about damage to vegetation, cases of Lyme disease reported by residents, and deer versus vehicle accidents, the Commissioners of Cheltenham Township authorized Abington Deer Management to conduct controlled deer hunts in 2021-22 (October 6, 2021 Public Works Agenda). 

The hunts will be conducted on six passive open space properties owned by the Township (Deer Hunting Maps 2021) which include:
  1. Gimble Field
  2. Tookany Creek Parkway between the Fire training area and Jenkintown Road
  3. Parkview Open Space
  4. Glenwood Open Space
  5. Rock Lane between Dell Lane and Washington Lane on the south side of the EP homes
  6. Island by Chelten Hills Dr between Washington Lane and Church Rd.
  7. Waverly Road Compost Facility 
  8. Green Valley Open Space
  9. Open Space bordering Wyngate Property
This will be the fifth consecutive controlled deer hunt being held on some of these open space properties. 

The deer management program will be performed by archers who are competent, experienced, careful and cautiously safe. The safety of our residents is of the highest priority. This year's hunting season begins on Saturday, September 19, 2021 and runs through January 29, 2022.   SIGNS WILL BE POSTED to notify anyone attempting to enter these properties that the area is closed to all visitors.

The Township believes this program will meet the goals of the Township and of the residents. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, contact Public Works Superintendent Christopher Clewell at 215-635-4600. ext. 366.