Glenside Station Concerns

 Concerns Presented by the Public at Glenside Hall meeting on the February 3, 2003:

1.        What will the impact be on Glenside Avenue by doubling the parking spaces?

2.        Long-range revitalization plan looking at entire commercial district.

3.        What can be done to unify the commercial district?

4.        Architectural design and appearance and lighting is important. Consider a promenade.

5.        Consider the impact on neighboring residences and quality of life.

6.         Consider cost of underground parking.

7.         Keep design in scale with neighborhood. Massing, height, visual appearance is important.

8.        Operating and security issues to be developed.

9.        Where else has a garage been built in a residential neighborhood?

10.    Lack of infrastructure capacity (i.e.: sewer, water, flooding).

11.    Concern about property values.

12.    Who will be served by the additional demand of parking spaces?

13.     Consider integrating Farmer’s Market concept.

14.     Parking concerns during construction of garage.

15.     Leasing vs, Owning by Arcadia.

16.    Define financing strategy.  What will the tax burden be on township, county, etc.

17.    Access for emergency vehicles is critical.

18.    Better station to service transit users.  Better stores that are walkable.

19.    Consider green technology in design of building.  Balance public space uses. Stormwater management concerns.  Rooftop gardening.

20.     High volumes of speeding traffic.

21.     Concern that this project could bring higher crime rate.

22.     Traffic going into residential neighborhoods and streets.

23.  Placing buffers for residences on both sides for sound, light, foot traffic, exhaust, and physical vibration by increased train service.