Tickets and Citations

Enforcing Traffic Safety Laws are a very important part of a Police Officer’s duties. Our Police Officers realize that no one likes receiving a traffic citation, but ensuring the public’s safety is our number one concern for our citizens, and the motorists traveling our roadways.


STATE CITATIONS (Traffic and Non-Traffic)

NOTE:  STATE TRAFFIC & NON-TRAFFIC CANNOT BE PAID HERE!  They must be paid through the courts.

State traffic and non-traffic citations have “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” on top.  The citation numbers start with a letter and have a dash (“-“) as the second to last digit.  Once a state citation is issued you must follow up with the appropriate court.  Cheltenham Township cannot accept payment for state citations.  There are two district courts covering Cheltenham Township.  They are both located at 117 York Road in Jenkintown. State citations have instructions explaining how to respond printed on them.  Please refer to the citation or the court for further information.

The district courts covering Cheltenham Township are:

  • District Court 38-1-02, east of Old York Rd., Phone: (215) 635-1535
  • District Court 38-1-03, west of Old York Rd., Phone: (215) 885-4796


Violation notices are issued for parking and some municipal code violations.  They are not the same as state citations.  Violation notices are white and have “Cheltenham Township Police Department” at the top along with the words “VIOLATION NOTICE”.  If you receive a police violation notice you have five days to respond.  You may remit payment via mail, in person at the township building, located at 8230 Old York Road in Elkins Park, or online (click here).

 Fines for common violations are as follows:

  • Handicapped parking violation $50.00
  • Expired parking meter $25.00
  • Fire zone violations $50.00
  • All other parking violations are $25.00
  • Municipal code violations vary and range from $50 to $300.

If you fail to respond to a violation notice, a state citation will be issued and the amount due will be increased as a result of additional required fees.

If you wish to plead not guilty, you must wait for the state citation and follow the instructions on that citation. 

Click here to pay Township Violation Notices online
(not state traffic or non-traffic citations)