Nuisance wildlife are animals that cause significant property damage, such as ground hogs (aka woodchucks) that burrow along side building foundations or under decks and sheds this can lead to the failure of the structure if left alone. They may also destroy plants and devour garden vegetables. Also considered nuisance wildlife are raccoons and possums, these animals make pests of themselves by tearing through trash at night or they may take up residence in an open garage or under a crawl space. Skunks although stinky at times are not considered nuisance wildlife as they do not cause significant property damage, these poor animals are merely hated for their only means of defense, that being the use of  their powerful musk.

If you have a question concerning an nuisance animal you may contact the CSO at (215) 885-1600 ext. 478


  • The Police Department Community Services Officer will no longer loan traps for nuisance wildlife or relocate/release wildlife captured in privately owned traps.
  • Residents should contact a private wildlife control company for nuisance animal issues.
  • Wildlife that exhibits signs of suffering from rabies, which is rare, will be investigated by the Community Services Officer and residents should call 911 to report any possible rabid animals.


Feral Cats

Feral cats have been a problem in the township from time to time; while we do not have a TNR program we do trap and remove feral cats upon request. To have a feral cat removed from your property contact the Community Services Officer at (215) 885-1600 ext. 478