Animal Control

The Cheltenham Township Police Department currently employs one full time Community Services Officer or CSO. The CSO are responsible for impounding stray animals in the township, enforcing the Penna. State Dog Law, Cheltenham Township Ordinances and responding to calls regarding animal complaints and pets. They are also available to assist residents with various nuisance wildlife issues and act as a liaison between the township residents and the Penna. State Game Commission, the Montgomery County SPCA, The Pennsylvania Bureau of “Dog Law” and the Montgomery County Health Dept.

In addition to their duties as CSO they are available to the police department to assist with other essential services. They may be requested to cover school crossings when the need arises. They may also be called upon to assist with traffic at large emergencies such as fires or serious traffic accidents.

The CSO also assist the police department’s Highway Safety Unit in the placement and maintenance of the four speed monitor trailers owned by the dept. These units are used throughout the township to aid in the enforcement of speed limit violations in high traffic areas where speeding becomes a safety concern.

The CSO also work with the police department’s Community Policing Unit in the battle against graffiti. Using a specialized pressure washer and other equipment and supplies the CSO remove graffiti from public buildings and property. The CSO are also responsible for maintaining, repairing and replacing the township’s 400 + parking meters.

The Community Service Officer can be contacted at (215)885-1600 ext. 478

  • The Police Department Community Services Officer will no longer loan traps for nuisance wildlife or relocate/release wildlife captured in privately owned traps.
  • Residents should contact a private wildlife control company for nuisance animal issues.
  • Wildlife that exhibits signs of suffering from rabies, which is rare, will be investigated by the Community Services Officer and residents should call 911 to report any possible rabid animals


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