Drug Task Force

The Drug Task Force is comprised of members of the Cheltenham Police Department that are sworn County Detectives for the purposes of investigating Narcotics Violations. The Task Force is funded through the District Attorney’s Office of Montgomery County. While their primary focus is on violations within Cheltenham Township, their investigations may lead beyond Township borders and as such they are empowered to investigate drug violations throughout the County. They are a component of the Montgomery County Drug Task Force and can be utilized to assist other local Task Forces and the Montgomery County NET Unit as required. They utilize specialized surveillance equipment in their pursuit of drug violators as well as information developed from confidential sources.

They receive extensive training in all facets of drug investigation and many of the officers are recognized as “narcotics experts” for the purpose of courtroom testimony.

Citizens can provide tips for the Drug Task Force to investigate by leaving a message on the Cheltenham Police Tip-line at extension 777, or via the Township website. Information providers may leave a contact name or number or may submit the information anonymously.