Graffiti Identification and Removal

Our graffiti identification and removal plans are key to our Department’s proactive efforts in the elimination of unsightly graffiti throughout the Township. Cheltenham Township has taken an aggressive stance against the marring of public and private property by adopting the philosophy that prosecuting those responsible, along with quick graffiti removal, will help reduce future acts of vandalism, while maintaining a high quality of living for residents and commercial interests in the Township.

Residents are encouraged to report graffiti on street signs and public property so we can make arrangements to have it removed as soon as possible.

In accordance with Township Ordinance 205-7.2. which covers graffiti removal, when graffiti is located on private property, the township will notify the property owner in writing of the vandalism and the owner has (15) days to remove the graffiti from the property. 

If you discover any offensive graffiti, or have any questions concerning graffiti removal please contact the Community Policing Unit @ 215 885-1600 ext. 466. 

Anonymous information about those responsible for graffiti damage can be provided by:
  • Calling the TIPS LINE @ (215) 885-1600 EXT. 777
  • Submitting Online Crime Tips through our website