Bicycle Rodeo

Bicycles have been used for transportation and recreation in this country for over a hundred years. In recent years, bicycling has enjoyed increased interest and participation. Unfortunately increased ridership has resulted in an alarming increase in injuries to riders as a result of accidents. As a result, the Cheltenham Police Department hosts a yearly bicycle rodeo for children in our community. This program is a partnership that pairs our professionally trained Bike Officers from our Community Response Unit, with our traffic safety experts in the Department’s Highway Safety Unit. Officers from both Units serve as instructors for the event and provide riders with safety tips and information on bicycle safety. The goal of this program is to provide an opportunity for the participants to learn, practice, and develop bicycle handling skills, in a fun, noncompetitive atmosphere.

The Bike Rodeo is usually held in the spring, and we advertise and coordinate the event through the Cheltenham School District. For information on this program please contact the Community Response Unit @ 215 885-1600 ext. 466.