In February 2005, the Cheltenham Police Department introduced a Chaplain’s Program to better serve the community and to help our Officers with difficult assignments. The program started with five local religious leaders representing various faiths within the Township. Today, we have seven volunteer Chaplains active in the program.  All trained counselors; our Chaplains are available to offer support to residents in need, such as comforting grieving families during death notifications and assisting during other crises involving our Police. Our Chaplains also conduct ride –along shifts with our Patrol Officers and can help our Officers defuse potential problems with their calming presence and expertise. As a by-product of the close working relations with police, our Chaplains have developed a bond with our Officers and they are available to counsel our Officers as needed.  

 In addition, our Chaplains have developed a network with other religious leaders in the community and they can help put residents in touch with representative of many faiths if the need arises. The goal of this program is to strengthen relationships between the Police and the community, and to improve communication between Police and local religious groups in the Township. For more information about our Police Chaplain Program, please contact the Community Response Unit @ 215 885-1600 ext. 466.