Click it or Ticket Our Highway Safety Unit provides a wide range of specialized traffic related services impacting Township highway safety. The Unit has four primary areas of responsibility:
  1. Selective traffic enforcement
  2. Traffic safety education
  3. Traffic survey work
  4. Investigation of accidents involving fatalities
Selective Traffic Enforcement:
Enforcement is selectively targeted to areas in response to residents' traffic safety concerns and where high violation and/or accident rates were observed. With the help of Federal funding, the Unit recently implemented a special, selectively targeted traffic speed enforcement project.

Traffic Safety and Education:
The Unit works closely with the Public Works Department, PennDOT and other groups, to effectively resolve traffic safety concerns throughout the Township. The Unit also assists the Department's Detectives and Juvenile Unit with investigations, the Community Policing Unit, and Township schools with safety programming for students and the general public.  We are also currently involved in the Municipal Seat Belt and Child Restraint Education and Enforcement Program.

Traffic Survey Work:
All members of the unit have received training in Engineering and Traffic Studies through the Pennsylvania Local Roads Program.  The unit reviews and makes recommendations for establishing, revising, or removing traffic restrictions.

View the Traffic Calming Presentation made at the May 9 Public Safety meeting.

For more information please contact the Highway Safety Unit Supervisor at 215-885-1600, ext. 474, or feel free to e-mail your question or concerns.  If it is a specific traffic complaint, please include the following information:

1)  The exact nature of the complaint

2)  The exact location of the complaint

3)  When the problem is occurring, day of the week, time, etc.

4)  Your name, address and telephone number so that we may contact you.

 e-mail :  [email protected]