The Cheltenham Township Police Special Weapons and Tactics Unit was re-activated in 2001 with 6 officers. In five short years it has certainly come a long way.

 The SWAT/CNU Unit now boasts 14 well equipped and highly trained officers (including a Tactical Paramedic) as well as a fully staffed and trained 6 member Crisis Negotiation Unit.  The Unit has received training from the FBI Hostage Rescue Team in Quantico, Virginia, Philadelphia SWAT, Philadelphia FBI Hostage Negotiations and numerous local agencies.

Each SWAT Unit member receives at least 216 hours of training per year, plus individual instructor or specialty schools, in addition to their regular Patrol training.

The CTPD SWAT Unit is tasked with the successful resolution of Barricaded Person Incidents, High Risk Warrant Service, Active Shooter Incidents, VIP Protection, or any other mission as designated by the Chief of Police.

 The SWAT/CNU unit is constantly striving to improve its operational capabilities and level of readiness to respond  anywhere in the region to preserve life and bring critical incidents to a successful conclusion.

Since 2003, the SWAT Unit has been activated for a number of major incidents as well as many partial team activations in both Cheltenham and surrounding jurisdictions, as well as numerous smaller partial team activations to supplement Narcotics, Patrol or Detective operations.

The Crisis Negotiation Unit is a specialized unit within the police department and works as the communications arm of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team. The unit is comprised of officers from all divisions of the department who have received advanced training in communications, negotiation techniques and dealing with the mentally ill. Team members respond with the SWAT Team with the objective of resolving crisis, hostage and/or barricade situations, through negotiation.
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