Milling & Paving Program

The Township routinely performs its annual milling and paving work between June and August of each year.  The money used to pay for this program is obtained from the Township’s Liquid Fuels Fund.  Considering the approximate amount of Liquid Fuels Funds that are anticipated to be available, the total length of roadway each year is kept to about 2.5 linear miles, with roughly half from the east side of the Township and half from the west side.  In early December Township staff develops a listing of street sections for milling and paving that include “proposed” locations for the following year (6 months out); and “tentative” locations for the subsequent year (1 ½ years out).  These two lists are typically submitted to the Public Works Committee at its meeting in December.  After subsequent approval by the Board of Commissioners, a preliminary notification letter is sent to all property owners abutting both the “proposed” and “tentative” locations.  Property owners are advised to regularly check the website for updates to these lists (shown below).

The preliminary notice also explains that in order to have the best repaving project possible, areas of concrete sidewalk/curb/gutter in disrepair must be replaced prior to milling and paving; that Cheltenham Township Code establishes it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the sidewalk/curb/gutter adjoining their property; and that the Township will provide a formal notice to property owners if its inspection reveals that any portions of their sidewalk/curb/gutter requires replacement.

Additionally, the preliminary notice details the criteria mandating replacement of sidewalk/curb/gutter and provides corresponding approximate unit costs.  It further suggests that property owners review the condition of the sidewalk/curb/gutter abutting their property; estimate a ballpark repair cost; and budget for this potential expense.

July-August 2021 Milling/Paving Locations

2021 Milling/Paving Schedule