History of the Township Seal

Logo Cheltenham Seal

Official Seal, Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania

Adopted in 1939, upon the occasion of the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the incorporation of Cheltenham as a First Class Township, this seal, modified from the Armorial Bearings of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, became the official seal of the Board of Commissioners. It appears on all formal documents, Proclamations and Resolutions, and is made part of all legal documents of records. It was designed by J. Carlton Jones.

Coat of Arms and Insignia of Cheltenham, England


Coat of Arms and Insignia of Cheltenham, England

Starting at the top and working down, the pigeon at the very top is sitting on a blue stripped sphere and this represents the discovery of the fountain of spa water by a pigeon that made Cheltenham famous. This is sitting on top of a wreath of Oak leaves. The two open books, either side of the silver cross, on the blue band represent education, particularly Pates Grammar School and Cheltenham College. The silver cross shows religion. The two pigeons represent the flock that gathered at the spa water spring. The Oak tree at the bottom is there to represent the tree lined Promenade and streets that Cheltenham is also known for. And finally the town’s motto - Salubritas et Eruditio means "Health and Education”.