I Choose Cheltenham

I Choose Cheltenham

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Cheltenham Township has a lot to brag about: beautiful neighborhoods, top-notch services, numerous business districts both large and small, wonderful schools, and great people reflecting a rainbow of talents, ethnicity, and creeds. There are scores of terrific reasons why Cheltenham is a great place to live, work and recreate, and we want to list them!

Reasons to Choose Cheltenham

Sara F.

  • Homely place to live
  • Amazing schools
  • Wonderful atmosphere
  • Friendly Neighbors
  • I have dreamed of living in this Township since moving to Pennsylvania!


Kisha G.

  • Wonderful people
  • Gorgeous homes
  • Great schools
  • Green spaces
  • Community that cares
  • No Place for Hate
  • Did I mention great schools?


Joanne E.

  • Good schools
  • Quiet neighborhoods
  • Good neighbors
  • Clean playgrounds and parks
  • Fun summer day camps and Township pools
  • Walking paths
  • Dog parks
  • Close to Philadelphia but still suburban
  • Sports organizations for children
  • Good police response
  • Lots of nature and wildlife


Carolyn P.

  • Character of the neighborhoods
  • Great schools
  • Proximity to Center City and Chestnut Hill
  • Public pools and libraries
  • Wonderful diversity of population
  • Creative and academic atmosphere


Shari L.

  • Beautiful homes
  • Schools with fabulous teachers (Go Myers)
  • Walkable neighborhoods. Can get almost anything on foot or bike.


Bill E.

  • We chose Cheltenham for the schools, the diversity of our community and the beautiful neighborhoods.
  • We love the people, diverse in many ways. We all share a love for Cheltenham, and there is so much talent here among this engaged community.
  • We have some of the best things of a small town yet are minutes from Philadelphia and all it has to offer.
  • Our child is getting a wonderful education and is well prepared for life. This reflects the schools, the library system and the general sense of achievement and education.
  • With over 300 years of history, including beautiful buildings, Camp William Penn, the heritage of the underground railroad and freedom, and the contributions of so many through the years, it’s a place worth living and preserving.
  • The interaction between people and environment allows us the opportunity to learn how to respect the Earth through various means, shrinking the carbon foot print on the planet, and sustaining what we have environmentally.


Eric R.

  • Great location that is convenient to the city and regional transportation.
  • Amazing history with Camp William Penn, La Mott and many more.
  • Diversity of people and neighborhoods.
  • Friendly people that made us feel welcome.
  • Services. When the snow's over, it doesn't stay long. What a change from living in the city.
  • Most importantly, it's where we wanted to be.


Matt M.

  • A vibrant community and sense of belonging in and among the Glenside community that extends from the elementary school's dedication to the diversity and creativity among the merchants on clustered near the Glenside Septa stop.
  • Great food, great farmer's market, great people.
  • And of course the library and the pool!


Ann R.

    Creative, artistic professionals
    Intellectual passion
    Musical talent
    Neighborly spirit
    Civic activists
    Sustainability Plan, formally adopted in 2013
    Sustainable private homes
    University hub
    Cheltenham Township Adult School
    Dozens of Citizen Committees; Parent & School Orgs. & Youth Programs
    Dynamic Library System & Friends Groups
    Parks, recreation programs
    Watershed work
    Journalists, authors
    5 major SEPTA Rail Stations
    Inclusive schools, producing notable alumni
    Camp William Penn
    Elkins Estate
    Lynnewood Hall (Widener Estate)
    Wall House
    Curtis Estate, Curtis Hall & Park
    Trumbauer buildings
    La Mott Historic District (& home of the Underground Railroad)
    Wyncote Historic District
    Historic tours
    Walkable stores & restaurants
    Owner-managed shops
    CreekSide Co-op
    Two large malls
    Antique shops
    Ethnic foods


Baron H.

  • Good neighbors
  • Great schools
  • Green trees 


Gerry A.

  • Diverse community
  • Services
  • Parks
  • Schools