Assessment Overview

  • Cheltenham Village is the oldest communities in the township with links to Cheltenham England
  • The village lacks a center due to scattered commercial and civic uses along Central and Ryers
  • Most of the important entrances to this community are not yet strong gateways
  • Many buildings suffer from deferred maintenance and would benefit from façade improvements
  • High speed cut through traffic along Central, Ryers and Laurel Avenues threatens pedestrian safety
  • Although the walking distances are reasonable, sidewalks and crosswalks should be improved to encourage a safer more walkable village
  • Many residences have no driveways and lack adequate on street parking. Parking for residences is in conflict with commercial patrons
  • The commercial properties along Cottman Avenue need screening and street definition
  • Vacancy at former Acme Supermarket is an eyesore and detracts from the quality of the neighborhood

Enhancement Opportunities

  • Rehabilitate historic properties to reinforce historic Cheltenham Village
  • Retrofit commercial facades to minimize sign sizes and emphasize a village-scaled architecture
  • Create gateways to the community along Cottman Avenue at Laurel, Central and Ryers and along Central Avenue at Ashbourne and Tookany Parkway
  • Revise zoning to cluster commercial uses along Central Avenue to create a central destination and encourage residential uses along Ryers Avenue
  • Introduce traffic calming measures such as raised table intersections and alternating on street parking on either side of the street along Central, Ryers and Laurel to discourage speeding pass through traffic
  • Improve traffic circulation where Central, Ryers, Tookany Parkway, Old Soldiers and Ashbourne meet
  • At the former Acme site encourage office or retail reuse of the site rather than automotive uses.
  • Define cartway curbs, attractive landscape screening and fences, modest signs and street trees along the automobile repair oriented portion of Cottman Avenue

Below are views of the draft plan.

Plan View of Old Acme Market

Old Acme Plan

Perspective of Old Acme

Perspective of Old Acme

Plan View of Parkway, Central, and Ryers

Parkway & Central

Sample Facade Perspective

(Brant's Electronics in case you don't recognize it anymore)

Facade Perspective

Hypothetical Traffic Calming Plan

(Raised intersections and bump-outs)

Traffic Calming Plan