Assessment Overview

  • Elkins Park is two districts not one
  • Opportunity to enhance neighborhood oriented commercial
  • Opportunity to create a unifying architectural and signage theme to enhance the identity of the district
  • Opportunity to enhance facades to create a stronger village character
  • Most key intersections need traffic calming to encourage pedestrian safety
  • Inadequate parking management throughout
  • Limited economic impact area – this is primarily a neighborhood serving commercial district
  • One way streets at High School hurts commercial vitality
  • Positive architecture and character to district

Enhancement Opportunities

  • Introduce a traffic roundabout and pavilion at Elkins Park Train Station to slow traffic and create a gateway entrance
  • Retrofit Elkins Park Bank for a restaurant with outdoor dining terraces
  • Enhance pedestrian walkways and landscape features along train tracks that connect the Elkins Park Train Station to Gerard Avenue
  • Extend Ashbourne Market to the corner and improve the facades to create a neighborhood village character; possible apartments above
  • Establish a more defined intersection and gateway entrance at Montgomery and High School Road
  • Swap some or all of the SEPTA parking lot with the municipal parking lot to improve short term and long term parking management for commercial uses
  • Create a pedestrian walkway between the village center and the Montgomery Avenue parking area; possible second floor parking deck
  • Reconfigure traffic patterns to create clearer circulation and more two-way streets
  • Plant street trees in residential and commercial areas

Below are views of the draft plan.

Plan View

Top View

High School Road looking toward the Elkins Park Train Station

High School Road Perspective