Township Advertising Opportunities

Cheltenham Township offers a couple opportunities for promoting your business to Cheltenham Township residents:

Annual Report and Calendar

Would you consider advertising your business in a publication used by Cheltenham Township residents for an entire year?   
That publication is Cheltenham Township’s Annual Report and Calendar!

Valued for its comprehensive listings of municipal programs, special events and school news, this eagerly anticipated publication is mailed to close to 14,000 Cheltenham residences and businesses each June.  Hundreds of additional copies are distributed in libraries and the Township building, and mailed to new home-buyers throughout the year, a prime target market.

As an extra bonus, the ads will also be featured in an electronic version of the publication that’s posted on, which gets 14,000 – 15,000 visits per month.

Available in three sizes and prices, there’s an ad to fit most any budget:

Pricing Grid

    1 column 2 columns 3 columns
    3.375"   6.75"  10.125"
 1 row 2" $200 $350 $500
 2 rows 4" $350 $600 $700
 3 rows 6" $500 $700 $900
 4 rows 8" $600 $850 $1,000


To take advantage of this special offer or to get more information, please call Lauren at 215-887-1000, ext. 114.  The submission deadline annually is early May.

Advertisers should submit their ads in a .tif file format or camera-ready, and copy is subject to Township approval.  Ads will be placed in the publication as space is available.



Cheltenham Update Newsletters, Spring and Fall editions

Like the Annual Report and Calendar, each edition of the newsletter is mailed to close to 14,000 Cheltenham residences and businesses, distributed to new residents and posted on the website, which gets 14,000 – 15,000 visits per month.


Ad sales are handled by the publication printer Creative Color Graphics at 215-538-0350.


Prices by Size

  • Eighth Page - $275
  • Quarter Page - $425
  • Half Page - $695
  • Full Page - $1,295