Board of Historical and Architectural Review

Cheltenham is home to two historic districts: La Mott and Wyncote.


Because residents want to maintain the historic character of these communities; certain repairs, maintenance, and outside appearances of homes within the districts are closely reviewed by a Township/Resident Board of Historical and Architectural Review (BHAR). Residents and property owners must seek the approval of the BHAR prior to being granted building permits for properties in these districts.

The BHAR generally meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Township Administration Building, 8230 Old York Road in Elkins Park. (However, meetings are currently still virtual on Zoom.)


State Historic Preservation Office Presentation on Effective Meetings for Historical Preservation


Regulations relating to the Boards of Historical Architectural Review in the Municipal Code



2023 Board of Historical Architectural Review Members
Township Building Inspector
Michael Shapiro (architect)

Timothy C. Hinchcliff (realtor)

Geoffrey Garlow (realtor)
Zilan Munas Bass (realtor)

Emma M. Trusty
Darlene Melton
Earnestine Wilson
G. Clive Copping (architect)
Tom Wieckowski (Historical Commission representative)


This information is intended to provide applicants for building permits within the historic districts with an understanding of the design considerations and process which will affect the review of their proposed project. Please review the information below during the early stages of planning your project. Familiarity with this material can assist in moving a project quickly through the approval process, saving applicants both time and money.


Contact the Cheltenham Township Planning & Zoning Department for further information.