New Development: Ashbourne Meadows

In late 2019, the former Ashbourne Country Club, now “Ashbourne Meadows,” underwent a transfer of ownership from Matrix-Ashbourne Associates, L.P. to the new owner Liberty Commercial Development Corp, LTD with offices located at 1 South Main Street, The Wheelhouse Suite #5, Sellersville, PA 18960.

This Development with approximately 71.95 acres is underway with site work and related public improvements. The project still entails the construction of 90 Single Family Dwelling units, and 76 Carriage homes (166 total units); the dedication of 33.9 acres of open space to the Township, multiple bio-retention basins and other storm water features; a walking trail/path and a bus shelter. The initial part of this development will entail construction of Phases I, II and V with a total of 30 Single Family Homes and 38 Carriage Homes with ground breaking scheduled in the summer of 2021. Additional phases will follow contingent on sales.

This Development is a collaboration between the residents and the developer, resulting in specific requirements related to ensuring that it conforms to the surrounding neighborhoods as memorialized in various Stipulated Settlement Agreements. These range from the type of building materials to be utilized on the building facades, rear/front facing, buffering, lighting and landscaping, to mention but a few.

Below please find links to the various plans associated with the Development:

Ashbourne Meadows Yellow RenderAshbourne Meadows Carraige Home

Updated October 21, 2020

Cheltenham Township is providing information relating to the Matrix proposal for the development of the 104.493-acre Ashbourne Country Club (Ashbourne and Oak Lane Road, Cheltenham) to help interested parties evaluate the proposal.

Updated May 2014




As of June 9, 2013, Zoning Hearing Board Appeal 3336 entailed a 226-unit development consisting of a minimum of 70 single-family residences and a maximum of 156 carriage homes. In addition, an area containing approximately 1.25 acres was set aside for a future clubhouse and swimming pool.

Originally, the plan submitted to the Township for zoning relief called for an age-restricted development of 103 building lots on 88.657 acres. Depending on market demand, each building lot would feature (1) a one-unit estate home, (2) two single-family homes or (3) three carriage homes per lot. It also called for an apartment complex for the remaining 15.836 acres fronting on Jenkintown Road and Front Street with a total of 11 buildings with 16 one- or two-bedroom apartments per building. Amenities would include a clubhouse, pool and landscaped seating area.

The parcel is located in R-1 Zoning Residential District.

The proposal is applying the provisions of the Township's Age-Restricted Overlay Ordinance.

Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law presented by the Applicant Jan 2011

Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law presented by Objectors Jan 2011

Amended Zoning Plan Page 1 June 7, 2010

Amended Zoning Plan Page 2 June 7, 2010

Cross Section 1 July 1, 2010

Cross Section #1 and Key Map July 1, 2010

Cross Section #2 July 1, 2010

Cross Section #3 July 1, 2010

Taylor Wiseman and Taylor Letter Report on Manmade Steep Slope July 6, 2010

Lines and Grades Plan #1 July 1, 2010

Line and Grades Plan #2 July 1, 2010

Steep Slopes Disturbance Plan July 1, 2010

Amended Steep Slopes Plan July 1, 2010

Stormwater Concept Plan July 1, 2010

Sanitary Concept Plan July 1, 2010


Meeting Presentation June 8, 2010

Meeting Presentation June 2, 2010

Meeting Presentation May 24, 2010

Meeting Presentation April 26, 2010


Amended Zoning Plan Page 1 of 2 February 2010 pdf

Amended Zoning Plan Page 2 of 2 February 2010 pdf

Amended Steep Slopes Plan February 2010 pdf

Stuart Appel- WellsAppel Site Concept Plan January 2010 pdf

Amended Site Plan October 2009 pdf

Amended Site Plan Page 1 August 2009 pdf

Amended Site Plan Page 2 August 2009 pdf

Amended Steep Slope Plan August 2009 pdf

Initial Matrix Site Plan May 2009 pdf


Traffic Impact Study, Part I
Traffic Impact Study, Part II
- as submitted by developer for the initial proposal

Traffic Impact Study September 2009

- as submitted by developer for the revised proposal

Traffic Impact Study March 2010

-as submitted by the developer for further revised proposal

Appendices A-E

Appendices F-J

Cpt 1

Cpt 2

Cpt 3

Traffic Impact Study Review April 2010


Fiscal Impact Analysis September 2009

Fiscal Impact Analysis March 2010


Township Planning Consultant Concept Plan December 2009

ZHB Appeal No. 3336: 3/26/10 Concept Plans and Sections March 2010