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A Vision for a More Resilient and Environmentally Friendly Community that Unites Cheltenham Township Government with Residents, Businesses, Institutions and other Stakeholders behind Shared Goals to Make that Vision a Reality.

Cheltenham Township has an ambitious, multi-year, Township-wide Sustainability Plan designed to foster sustainability in its own actions and promote green practices among Township residents and businesses. The plan, adopted by the Board of Commissioners in 2013, establishes 10 goals and objectives that are applicable to all organizations, institutions and individuals.

At the core of the plan is the Municipal Action Plan.  Developed by a dedicated group of Township residents and community representatives, along with a Montgomery County Planning Commission consultant team, the Plan outlines steps the municipality can take to function more sustainably and serve as a leader and model for other communities in energy and land use, mobility, waste management, and quality of life.The Cheltenham Township Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) monitors the plan's implementation and promotes community involvement.

Ready For 100 Initiative

In 2019, in support of the Sustainability Plan’s energy goals, the Cheltenham Township Board of Commissioners passed a Resolution to join the national Ready for 100 movement.  Through the resolution, the Township makes a commitment to transition to 100% clean, renewable electricity for municipal, residential, commercial, and other needs by 2030 and to 100% clean renewable energy across all sectors including transportation by 2050. For more information, see this presentation by the EAC in support of the resolution. Since the adoption of the resolution, the EAC and Township staff have been working with other municipalities in Montgomery County that have passed similar resolutions to develop a transition plan including interim milestones, strategies, financial impacts, equity metrics, and financing mechanism with the goal of reducing the cost of developing and implementing a plan to achieve the renewable energy goals. Cover artwork of the Sustainability Plan


Cheltenham Township Sustainability Plan

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