Conklin & Glenside Pools

 Cheltenham Township offers two pools:
Glenside Pool at 185 South Keswick Ave 215-885-1717
Charles D. Conklin, Jr. Pool at 15 East Church Rd;
Membership is open to Cheltenham Township residents only and permits access to both pools.

Pool Season:
– May 28 to September 5 (Except Aug. 29-Sept. 2)
– June 18 to September 5 

Pool Hours:
Daily, 12:00-8:00pm
Both pools are open 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm except the below holidays 

May 30, July 4, and September 5
12:00 to 5:00 pm

Online Registration is Preferred. Visit beginning April 4.  Membership tags are not mailed.  They will be available for pickup on opening day at the pool you indicate on your application as your most frequented pool.

In-Person Registration at the Township Building begins May 3.
Tuesdays & Thursday, 9:00am-11:30am
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 1:00-3:00pm

Special Registrations
Saturday, May 28 - 10:00am-noon, Glenside Pool
Saturday, June 18 - 10:00am-noon, Conklin Pool

NEW APPLICANTS (or residents who have not had a membership in the last five years) must provide:

  • A driver’s license, deed, mortgage, or lease to prove residency.
  • Birth certificates required for all children.

IMPORTANT: If you are new or adding a member and plan to mail your form you will need to include the above documentation for verification. For this sensitive information, and for faster processing of your application, consider using our drop box at 8230 Old York Road, Elkins Park, PA 19027. The drop box is locked and secure under camera surveillance, located at our front door. Please seal the envelope and write Parks and Recreation on it. You may also email the documents if you prefer. All sensitive information will be shredded upon verification - we do not keep paper or electronic copies. Do not mail originals or leave them in the drop box.

If you need assistance, please call 215-887-6200 ext. 227 or email 
[email protected].

Online Registration
Click on the link above to go to our online registration portal. (
- When you create the account you will receive an email acknowledging the account was created; however, new accounts will still need to be verified. *If you have not received an email asking you to verify, please reach out to Kelly at [email protected] 
- We verify that you are a resident in Cheltenham Township, and check custody/guardianship to ensure you are the parent or guardian of the children on your account, as the parent/guardian is needed for consent forms and waivers for children.
- The old format used paper forms to record verification. We can only go back five years. If you have not registered in the last five years and we cannot locate you on file, you will be asked to provide the documentation listed above in red.
- We ask to see a driver's license each year to verify you have not moved.

Printable Pool Membership Applications 
You may print the forms and return them both to us with a check or money order made payable to "Cheltenham Township". Applications, COVID-19 Waivers, and payments should be dropped off in our drop box, or mailed to:

Cheltenham Township
Parks and Recreation
8230 Old York Road
Elkins Park, PA 19027

Membership cards or tags are never mailed to residents. You may pick these up the first time you visit the pool. You will be required to show your driver's license.

NOTE: Applications mailed or left in the drop box will have a receipt sent through the mail. If you mailed or dropped off your application, please allow us a few days to assign the tags and get the tags to the pool.

2022 FEES:
Seasonal members may visit the pool as much as they want during the season. A Daily membership requires you to pay a registration fee and then pay each visit to the pool. You may take a guest, and pay the guest fee regardless which membership type you have.

Per our policy, a family is considered a person and their spouse or significant other, and their children up to the age of 23 (with valid school I.D.) A family membership is for a family, not a household. If more than one family resides in the same house, they are both eligible for their own separate family memberships, but cannot be combined onto one family membership.

SEASONAL YOUTH MEMBERSHIP (ages 3-17 or up to age 23 with valid school ID): $80



DAILY TAG: $35 Registration fee; $7/day for adults, $6/day for youth (ages 3-17)
Each member that has paid the $35 registration fee will pay a lower fee than a guest would pay to use the pool. Tags are not transferable. The pools accept CASH ONLY, no checks or credit/debit cards.

Adults - $12 weekday/$15 weekend;
Youth (3-17) - $10 weekday/$12 weekend

One guest per tag holding member. Check with your pool manager to see if restrictions ease enough to allow a party. The pools are not rented out for private parties. CASH ONLY, no checks or credit/debit cards.

To learn more about activities at Cheltenham Township pools or sign up for a membership, contact the Parks and Recreation Department by calling (215) 887-1000, ext. 227 or click on the links below:



Contact Us

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