Blue Mailbox Check Fraud

Posted on Monday January 30, 2023
A reminder about potential fraud due to mailbox theft.

The Cheltenham Police Department would like to advise residents that mail fraud is still occurring with checks dropped in the mail through the blue USPS mailboxes, even those at the post office. In these instances, the victims place mail containing checks into the collection box, only to find out later that the check was intercepted, altered, and cashed for much higher amounts.

If you are mailing checks, cash, or gift cards, you may be best served by handing it to a postal employee or using the collection box inside your local post office. As another option, the USPS box outside the Township Administration Building is surveilled by video camera.

If you happen to notice anyone suspicious tampering with a mailbox, or who looks like they may be watching, please call 9-1-1. #seesomethingsaysomething

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