Print Error on Mail-In Ballots

Posted on Monday October 04, 2021
Montgomery County Discloses Print Error on Mail-in Ballots, New Ballots to be Issued

NORRISTOWN, PA – On Friday evening, Montgomery County Election Officials were notified that approximately 16,000 General Election Mail-In Ballots were printed incorrectly by its ballot vendor, NPC, and mailed to residents. These ballots are easily identified as they were only printed on one side. 

Chip Gallaher, CEO of NPC, stated “We sincerely regret that this happened and are working with the County and State to ensure impacted voters receive a new ballot. Once the error was recognized, we immediately stopped production and began to investigate. Our investigation determined that a programming error caused the back page of the ballot to be omitted.”

Voters who receive a one-sided ballot in the mail should destroy the ballot and envelopes. Montgomery County Voter Services will cancel the incorrectly issued ballot materials and re-issue new, two-sided ballots to these residents automatically. These residents will be notified either by email, phone or mail. Re-issued ballots are expected to be mailed next week. 

Any voter who originally applied to vote by mail but chooses not to return their mail-in ballot can vote in person. To do this, they can surrender their ballot and the envelope with the Voter’s Declaration at their polling location. If these ballot materials are not presented, the voter can vote using a provisional ballot.

Sample ballots are available to view on the Montgomery County Voter Services website.

Residents with questions can submit a request online or call (610) 278-3280.

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