2021 Township Facilities Presentations

Posted on Thursday September 23, 2021
Cheltenham has begun discussions on the conditions of its facilities. Related presentations can be viewed here.
Township Administration BuildingAt the September 1, 2021 Public Works Committee Meeting, there was a presentation on the current condition of Township-owned buildings, including its Libraries and Community Centers. The presentation can be viewed here and the video can be viewed on the Township's YouTube Channel (the presentation starts approximately 20 minutes in).

An updated presentation to the Cheltenham Township Library Board was also made on September 20, 2021. This presentation includes potential options being explored regarding library services for winter 2021-22, as failing boiler systems led to a decision to close the Community Centers for the winter months beginning in November.

Rowland Poor ConditionsDiscussion continued at the September 22, 2021 Public Affairs Committee Meeting. A presentation was given showing in more detail the conditions of Rowland Community Center/East Cheltenham Library, La Mott Community Center/Library, Glenside Hall, Glenside Library, the Shovel Shop, the Township Administration Building, the Public Works Facility, and the Emergency Medical Services garage. Video of the meeting will be available on our YouTube channel shortly.

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