Stormwater Matters

Posted on Thursday September 02, 2021
Thank you to our many attendees at Wednesday's Public Meeting regarding the stormwater management program and fee structure.
Stormwater Matters LogoWe had a great turnout on Wednesday, August 25 at our Zoom webinar for the Stormwater Matters program, for the presentation and discussion with our project consultant and Commissioners.

We are still in the process of compiling your great questions entered into the Q&A box during the webinar, and are working to make sure we can provide an update to answer any questions that were not addressed, and summarize those discussed during the meeting. Presentations, videos and other information regarding this meeting and any future meetings or actions will be posted on the Stormwater Matters webpage.

We encourage residents and business owners to continue to engage with us on this important topic - as you can see from this picture taken by our Public Works Superintendent during last week's flash flooding event, while we cannot 100% prevent flooding, actions are needed to alleviate the severity of these events in Cheltenham.  You can send your questions to [email protected].

Flash Flood at Gate August 2021

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