Cheltenham Township Fire Department Shows Up For the Community at All Hours

Posted on Thursday April 15, 2021
A thank you to our volunteer firefighters from a resident following an incident Wednesday morning.
At 4:20 on Wednesday morning, the first dispatch for a possible building fire went out for the location of Elkins Park House Apartments, 7900 Old York Road. With new dispatch procedures in place, all four CTFD Fire Companies had at least one apparatus on scene, with a total of 45 volunteer firefighters.  Crews searched the building and roof, noting a haze on several floors and the odor of smoke. After a thorough search, it was determined that the cause of the smoke was external - possibly burning trash - coming into the building through a vent, and there was no fire threat to the building.

Every Township resident, particularly those living in our high-rise communities, should be reassured that recent changes have no bearing on public and fire safety because of the professionalism and dedication of our volunteer Fire Companies.

The Township received the following communication from a resident of the Elkins Park House regarding the incident.

“Hello Dear Administrators and Responders,

I just wanted to send a note to thank those of you in your departments who came out around 4 AM Wednesday. I was humbled by the number of people who showed up on a moment's notice to my building (Elkins Park House).  I was asleep in my apartment on the 9th floor, and was awakened by the strong smell of something burning. I investigated inside and out, and the smell was in the 9th floor hallway as well as inside my apartment, and outside the building. I called the front desk and the person there called for your help. 

It seems the strong smell of something burning still remains a mystery, and I feel somewhat embarrassed by making all those people wake up in the middle of the night to investigate. But it made me realize how many of you are real heroes. I thank you with all my heart for doing what you do, and for being so willing to be there any time of the day or night for all of us in this community. I hope I've thanked the right people, and I hope you can pass along my appreciation to those who I can't thank personally.”

Township Administration would like to say THANK YOU to our dedicated volunteer firefighters for your commendable efforts in answering the call day or night.  Additional volunteers are always needed – if interested in learning more, please contact Scott Lynch, Fire Marshal, at [email protected] or 215-887-6200 ext. 235 to be connected to the company nearest you.

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