Township Business Privilege Tax Deadline

Posted on Thursday April 08, 2021
The Board of Commissioners passed an Ordinance extending the Business Privilege Tax deadline to May 17.

2021 Tax Deadlines:

For 2021, the 2% discount deadline for County and Township taxes is April 5, the face deadline is June 3, and any County and Township tax payments received after June 3 will be paid at a ten percent (10%) penalty.  The School tax deadlines for 2021 have not been finalized - but the usual discount date is around September 3 and the face date around November 3.

For the Township’s Mercantile and Business Privilege Tax, the Board of Commissioners passed Ordinance 2425-21 on April 7, 2021, extending the 2021 deadline to match the IRS extended federal filing deadline of Monday, May 17.

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