Avoid These Common Recycling Contaminents

Posted on Wednesday February 10, 2021
Single stream contamination rate has doubled over the past 12 months. Here are common problem items to avoid:
The Township recently received correspondence from JP Mascaro & Sons stating that the contamination rate at their TotalRecycle single stream recyclable materials processing facility has doubled over the past 12 months.  Contaminated recycling ends up taking space in a landfill, at an additional expense, and also causes a breakdown in processing machinery, or can even cause fires.

They provided a list of the most frequently received non-recyclable materials that should not have ended up with recyclables for collection.  Please do your part and make sure not to put any of the following out in your single stream recycling carts:
- Garden Hoses, Ropes, Chains, Extension Cords, Christmas Lights
- Automotive Parts, such as Brakes or Engine Components
- Wood or Trees
- Household Electronics and Appliances
- Tarps
- Tools, Nails, Building Materials
- Propane Canisters
- Hard Plastic Toys
- Bed Sheets, Jeans, or Clothes

For additional recycling guidance, visit our Recycling Page here.

10 Commons Recycling Contaminents

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