Community Service Awards Presented to Citizens for Actions to Prevent the Spread of Fire

Posted on Thursday January 14, 2021

At the regular meeting of the Public Safety Committee on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, Mark Collazo and Gregg Marrone were presented with Community Service awards for their actions in emergency fire situations. Their quick and calm reactions when faced with the danger of a fire event helped protect lives and prevent greater damage until the fire department arrived at the scenes.

On December 3, Mark Collazo, an employee of the Target Store on Shoppers Lane in Wyncote, discovered a rack of clothing that was deliberately set on fire in the maternity section of the store. Mr. Collazo used a fire extinguisher located near the rack to douse the flames, then took the rack to the back section of the store, where he placed the clothes that remained on fire in a bin and used a hose to completely extinguish the flames. Mr. Collazo’s fast thinking and actions prevented injury to shoppers and other employees and further damage to the store.

While delivering mail on December 21, U.S. Postal worker Gregg Marrone noticed a female outside of an apartment on Massey Way in Elkins Park coughing and holding her hand.  She informed Mr. Marrone that her kitchen was on fire.  Upon entry to the apartment, he discovered a fire on top of the stove and threw the burning pot out the second floor window.  The Cheltenham Township Fire Company quickly arrived to extinguish any remaining fire and Mr. Marrone continued his work of delivering mail. Thanks to Mr. Marrone’s actions, further loss of property and potential injury to other residents of the apartment building was prevented.

On behalf of Cheltenham Township, the Board of Commissioners recognizes with gratitude the brave and valuable actions taken by Mr. Collazo and Mr. Marrone during the above incidents in December 2020.

Fire Marshal Lynch reading the Community Service Award to Gregg Marrone at Public Safety Zoom Meeting
 Marrone Community Service Award 1

Pictured here is Fire Marshal Scott Lynch presenting Gregg Marrone with the Community Service Award in the Emergency Operations Center during the Public Safety Committee Zoom meeting. Mark Collazo was not able to be present to receive his award.

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