Message from the President of the Board

Posted on Friday January 08, 2021
Comments made by the Board President, Daniel Norris, at the beginning of the Commissioners' meetings on Wednesday night

On behalf of Cheltenham residents, Township staff, and my fellow Commissioners, we condemn the disgraceful and criminal activity in Washington, D.C. which took place on Wednesday. We support peaceful protest and reassert our commitment to responsible government.

After a wonderful display of Democracy in Georgia when over 4 million citizens exercised their right to vote, the despicable acts at the Capitol building were a shameful and cowardly act by a mob of rioters. We in Cheltenham are better and will show tonight and everyday how to act responsibly in our daily lives and in our governing.

We must all remember that even when we are busy with the daily demands of working, playing, and supporting our family, we live in a great country. We have an obligation to vote and make our voices heard and to preserve our democratic principles and help those less fortunate.

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