Cheltenham Township Among the Clients Overbilled by Engineering Firm Boucher & James, Inc.

Posted on Tuesday December 15, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                           December 15, 2020

ELKINS PARK, PA – For the last several months in 2020, Cheltenham Township has cooperated with investigators from the Office of the Attorney General of Pennsylvania (“AG”) in a criminal investigation of the civil engineering firm of Boucher & James, Inc., the engineer for, among other municipal clients, the Township.

The Township has been informed by the AG that it estimates that Cheltenham sustained a loss by certain activities of Boucher & James in a total amount of $63,077 over a number of years.  The AG has advised that it has collected funds from Boucher & James to reimburse clients of the firm whom the AG believes were deprived of funds as a result of Boucher & James’ activities.  Cheltenham has been advised that it is being reimbursed in the amount of $44,177. To the best of the Township's knowledge, no other individual, either currently or previously employed by the Township, has been suspected or investigated in association with this matter.

The Township has made a claim, on fidelity insurance it maintains, for the shortfall in funds it will sustain after the reimbursement.  The Township also retains other legal options to reclaim the shortfall.

In September, the Board publicly distributed a request for proposals for a new civil engineering firm for the Township and three proposals have been received.  The Board of Commissioners will take action on the proposals promptly.


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