Fall Leaf Collection Update

Posted on Monday December 21, 2020
12/21: Following last week's storm, Highway Crews hope to finish leaf collection for Route 15 this week. Bagged collection for 12/18 moved to 1/8.

12/21/2020: Highway Crews temporarily suspended all loose leaf collections midday on December 15, 2020 in order to be prepared for the Nor'easter scheduled for December 16 into December 17.

Route 15 is the only remaining Route that has not yet had a second collection this year. We hope that the warmer temperatures today and tomorrow will allow us to work in Route 15 later this week with our Leaf Vacuums as they are not effective in the snow and ice.

Routes 1, 2, 3, and 4 may see loaders in your neighborhood later this week if the snow melts enough to see all the piles of leaves in the street.

Bagged garden debris collection scheduled for December 18 was rescheduled to Friday, January 8.

Many residents have reached out regarding leaves that have not been collected according to the projected schedule, and wondering when their piles will be collected.  Highway Crews should have been in Route 11 on Friday, December 4. Unfortunately, due to 5 recent COVID-19 exposures in the Public Works Department, and the fact that we did not hire fall part-time help in efforts to mitigate virus spread, we are 4 days behind schedule.

Highway Crews have worked the last 2 Saturdays in efforts to keep on schedule as best we can. We will work this Saturday, December 5, with a loader crew only on loose leaves. 

Yesterday, Highway crews needed to be moved to address the leaves in low lying areas, to prevent flooding with the heavy rain forecasted for tomorrow, 12/5.  We ask that all residents help us by making sure street grates and inlets in front of your home are cleaned off of any loose leaves. Do not rake or block any inlets or grates with loose leaves.

If you see any ponding or flooding, please do not drive through the water. You should immediately contact the Public Works Department at 215-635-4600. We will respond as soon as possible.

Wet leaves in the road are just as slippery as driving on ice.  Take your time and drive with caution.

Thank you for your patience, and stay safe.

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