Mask Up, Cheltenham: COVID Data and Resources

Posted on Friday December 04, 2020
County data on positive COVID-19 cases shows a drastic increase in Cheltenham in November.

The data in the chart below (monthly Cheltenham cases) shows a major increase in positive COVID cases in Cheltenham this November, and with cold weather and less daylight hours keeping people indoors, we expect this trend to continue through the holiday season.

To help slow the spread in your families, your workplaces, and in the whole Cheltenham community, please remember to wash your hands thoroughly and often, disinfect commonly used surfaces, and wear a mask in all public settings and in proximity to anyone outside your household.  CDC guidelines also recommend limiting travel and avoiding crowds as much as possible at this time.

Wearing a mask is a simple, yet effective way to slow the spread of the virus when combined with social distancing measures.  We’d like to thank the Philadelphia Union and Philadelphia 76ers for their partnership in showing how it’s done!  Masks should be worn over the nose and chin, and should be taken on and off by the straps, not the part that covers the mouth. By masking up, you’re protecting those around you from possible asymptomatic spread of COVID-19.

Union Players Graphic COVID

Mental Health resources and important hotline numbers can be found at this link. The Cheltenham Police Department continues to work with local social service agencies through the HUB program to identify and communicate with individuals who are acutely at risk of harm, crime, or death, and connecting them with services to help them.  If you or someone you know can benefit from this program, contact Officer David Sparango [email protected] or 215-885-1600 ext. 971.

Testing sites are available throughout Montgomery County, Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00, for anyone who may have been exposed. For more statistics on positivity rates through Cheltenham and the county, visit Montgomery County’s COVID-19 data hub.

Questions may also be directed to Cheltenham’s Emergency Management team.  Email or call Kim Kirschner at [email protected] or 215-887-6200 ext. 339.

We are stronger together.  With your help, we will keep the Cheltenham community safe!

Joel Embiid Mask  Matisse Mask Sixers
 Joel Embiid - credit: Philadelphia Sixers
 Matisse Thybulle - credit: Philadelphia 76ers
 Union Coach Mask Union Players Masks
Coach Jim Curtin - credit: Philadelphia Union
Players Take the Field - credit: Philadelphia Union

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