Finance Officer Vacancy

Posted on Wednesday December 16, 2020
The Board of Commissioners is accepting applications to fill the position of Finance Officer. Position available immediately and open until filled.

In accordance with the Charter of Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania, a vacancy currently exists in the Office of Finance Officer due to a resignation. The Board of Commissioners is accepting application to fill this position, which is available immediately and will be open until filled.

Send resume and letter of interest to Robert A. Zienkowski, Township Manager/Secretary at
[email protected] or Cheltenham Township Municipal Building, 8230 Old York Road, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania 19027-1589.

Article VIII Finance Officer

The Finance Officer shall be a citizen of the United States and shall have been a resident of the Township for a continuous period of at least two (2) years immediately prior to the date on which his term commences and must be a resident of the Township during his entire term of office. The Finance Officer shall be a registered elector.

§C803 Duties:
The Finance Officer by virtue of his office shall be the Tax Collector and shall collect the township taxes in the manner provided by state law and as directed by the Board.  

The Finance Officer shall collect all county, institution district, township, school and other taxes, levied by authorities empowered to levy taxes within the township, and shall be permitted to collect taxes for such other governmental entities as may from time to time engage his services. It is the purpose and intent of this section that no local taxes shall be collected in the township except by the Finance Officer of the township.  

The Finance Officer shall perform the duties of Controller if the Board, by resolution, determines to appoint him as Controller and provided that he meets the qualifications set forth in §C901B.  

D. The Finance Officer shall perform such duties other than those set forth in §C803A and B which involve the receipt, disbursement or investment of township funds as the Board may, by resolution, direct, subject at all times to the supervision and direction of the Manager and the Board in the performance of such assigned duties.

§C804 Vacancy.
…The person selected shall, at the time the vacancy occurred, have been a member of a political party, if any, which nominated the Finance Officer whose office has become vacant, unless the person so selected shall at such time have been a registered nonpartisan elector.

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