Philly Goat Project Coming to High School Park

Posted on Wednesday October 21, 2020
The Friends of High School Park have contracted with the Philly Goat Project to manage invasive species in the park.
Goat Project 1Goat Project 2
Have you noticed anything different while walking past High School Park this week?

Your eyes are not deceiving you - there will be goats paying a visit to graze at High School Park!

The goats, which will be at High School Park from October 22 through October 29, are part of the Philly Goat Project (PGP), which uses goats to manage invasive plants.

Partnering with PGP comes at no cost to the Township, and the program will take place on the hill of High School Road and Montgomery Avenue over the next week or so.  The goats will be protected by fencing and will be walked daily by PGP staff.  Feel free to stop by and watch the goats in action as they tackle invasives like poison ivy, mugwort, and more! (But please be mindful to keep dogs on a leash while walking by.)

Friends of High School Park is also looking to schedule residents who would like to volunteer an hour of their time to sit by the goats to ensure things are going smoothly - contact Cynthia at f[email protected] to schedule!

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