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The Board of Commissioners Honor and Swear In New Police Officers
Posted on Friday May 31, 2019

The Board of Commissioners of Cheltenham Township Honor Police Officers for Heroism and Merit

 Two New Police Officers Are Sworn In for Duty

 A Resolution Was Presented to Police Chaplin Father Tateos Abdalian for Service

  At the May 15th Cheltenham Township monthly Board of Commissioners meeting Officers Kevin Siebert and Benjamin Schweitzer were sworn in by Honorable Magisterial District Judge Elizabeth A. McHugh-Casey. The Board of Commissioners presented a resolution to Police Chaplin Father Tateos Abdalian for 14 years of service upon his retirement from the Cheltenham Township Police Department. Numerous police officers were also recognized with commendations for merit and heroism.

Officers May BOC 2019

Back Row: Left to Right: Chief John Frye, Daniel B. Norris, President; Baron Holland, Mitchell Zygmund-Felt, Irv Brockington Brad M. Pransky), Bryan T. Havir, Township Manager; Ann L. Rappoport Front Row/Seated: Officer Kevin Siebert and Officer Ben Schweitzer

Chaplin Police

Back Row: Left to Right: Chief John Frye, Daniel B. Norris, President; Baron Holland, MitchellZygmund-Felt (in back) Irv Brockington Brad M. Pransky), Bryan T. Havir,Township Manager; Ann L. Rappoport Front Row Mrs. Abdalian and Father Tateos Abdalian

In December of 2018, The Elkins Park Middle School was forcibly broken into on two consecutive Sundays. A variety of items were stolen including computers, cash and ipads. During a perimeter check of the Middle School Officer, Kyle Turner located two suspicious males in the rear of the school. Officer Turner conducted a pedestrian investigation of the males because they were trespassing and due to their suspicious behavior.

 Moments later, Officer Chad Smith arrived to assist and recognized the subjects who he saw several minutes before riding on bikes at Central Avenue and Tookany Parkway. Officer Smith searched the area locating a backpack containing a drill and tools and the suspects’ bikes hidden close by. Both suspects were juveniles and were transported to the Police Administration Building (PAB) and their parents were notified to respond. Detective Sergeant Rich Schaffer responded to the PAB to assist in the investigation. A subsequent search recovered the stolen property. Both juveniles were petitioned to juvenile court on burglary and related charges.

 The Merit Commendation recognizing outstanding courage was awarded to Sergeant Schaffer, Officer Smith and Officer Turner for their alert and decisive actions, as well as dedication to duty and perseverance that resulted in the arrest of two burglars and the recovery of stolen property.

 On October 17, 2019, the Cheltenham Township Police Department responded to a report from Building Two of the Tower of Wyncote apartment complex regarding a suicidal subject threatening to jump from the roof of the building.  Sergeant Jeffrey Murphy was among the responding officers on the scene and immediately started talking to the male standing in the dark, at the edge of the roof and threatening to jump. Sergeant Schaffer arrived and negotiations continued in an attempt to build rapport with the male. After a tense hour and a half of intense negotiations, the male was convinced to come down from the roof and was then transported to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. A few days after the incident the male contacted the Cheltenham Police Department and stated that he was grateful for officers who kept him from jumping and saved his life.

 The Merit Commendation recognizing Sergeant Murphy and Sergeant Schaffer were commended for their intelligent and faithful performance of duty during a call for service involving a suicidal individual. The officers were recognized for decisive actions, as well dedication to duty and perseverance, which were directly responsible for the saving of a human life.

May BOC New Officers


Back Row: Left to Right: Chief John Frye, Daniel B. Norris, President; Baron Holland, Mitchell Zygmund-Felt, Irv Brockington Brad M. Pransky), Bryan T. Havir,Township Manager; Ann L. Rappoport Seated in First RowDetective Sergeant Richard Schaffer, seated with child Sergeant Jeffrey Murphy

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